Work Hive Member Profile: Dustin Bailey

Dustin is a business enthusiast. He’s been involved in and started 13 different businesses throughout his life, but is happily focusing on just one at the moment. His current passion at Level4Finance focuses on securing funding for small businesses, including startups, based specifically on an individual’s credit, rather than their business model. His company offers[…]

Work Hive Member Profile: Trevor Smith

Trevor is a seasoned developer and a recent founder and product designer of Impressure. Created and founded alongside Richard Bliss, Impressure can best be described as SurveyMonkey and SquareSpace on steroids. Together, they have created an advanced web application for performance marketers. The platform gives users flexibility to easily design and manage pages and forms[…]

Work Hive Member Profile: Jen Parravani

Jen is a brand and communications specialist committed to telling positive and inspiring stories in her work at Mission Continues – a non-profit organization designed to help veterans adjust to life back home through community engagement projects. She is currently learning the expansive list of acronyms that surround military life, and enjoying having found her[…]

Work Hive Member Profile – Chris Wada on Sustainable Plastics

Chris Wada is a Business Development Consultant at a sustainable packaging company called Biologiq. He is a full-time member at Work Hive. BiologiQ makes ThermoPlastic Starch (TPS) resin pellets that we call Eco Starch Resin (ESR). ESR is biodegradable, affordable, and mixable with other types of traditional and bioplastic plastic to increase sustainability and biodegradability.[…]

Work Hive Member Profile – Andre Landau on Big Real Estate Investing and Attaining Workplace Flexibility

Andre is a “wearer of many hats” at Financial Attunement, a firm that organizes groups of investors to purchase or build large residential projects, such as apartment buildings. The firm operates both in and out of Utah. Andre was raised in San Francisco in the Haight Ashbury, an eclectic neighborhood known for its history of,[…]

Work Hive Member Profile – Molly Meyers on B2B Sales Careers and Traveling the World

Molly jumped into her new sales position with CodeHS a couple months ago. CodeHS is a San Francisco based company building a comprehensive platform created to bring computer science courses to High Schools. Molly specializes in sales and business development and is a part-time member at Work Hive. “I thought I was over the stress[…]