Work Hive Member Profile – Jocelyn Kearl on Travel, Coming Home, and Utah Nonprofits

Jocelyn Kearl is a co-owner of Third Sun Productions, a web development firm building and managing websites for nonprofits and small businesses in Utah. Jocelyn, and those on her team, are full time members at Work Hive. Jocelyn has the travel bug. Among the places she’s visited are Israel/Jerusalem, Egypt, Jordan, Ireland, Scotland, Brazil, France,[…]

Work Hive Member Profile – Brett Eskelson on Tech Education and Enjoying Utah’s Outdoors

Brett Eskelson started his career in technology education a few years ago at Salt Lake City based Instructure, ultimately working on the Canvas platform, Instructure’s learning management system. Now Brett is with CodeHS, a startup bringing technology education into high schools across the United States. He specializes in sales and business development and is a[…]

Creative Co-Working

  Work Hive was founded on the idea of providing not just co-working space in Downtown Salt Lake City, but to also provide an innovative environment where entrepreneurs can grow and flourish!  In fact many of our start-ups are design related, providing a creative community, and informal sounding board for new ideas and a source for[…]

The New Business Migration

I’m not sure about the statistics on this, but I’m pretty confident that Utah, with it’s classic urban sprawl would rank pretty high on a list of areas with the most suburban office parks/buildings, where acres of green lawn are only interrupted by equally large expanses of asphalt parking lots.  But, Salt Lake City, along with other[…]

Facebook Building 20

Facebook has taken the open-studio workspace concept to a whole new level with the help of Architect Frank Gehry.  Nicknamed MPK20, this 433,000-square-foot, 1,500-foot-long structure is actually one continuous open work space, accessed by meandering paths, and interspersed with micro-kitchens and conference rooms.  The facility also boasts an expansive green roof and trail for walking meetings, and a modern cafeteria[…]

10 Benefits of Coworking

Co-working is a rapidly growing option around the world for entrepreneurs.  From building a brand, to growing a business in a professional work space, different companies choose co-working for different reasons. Work Hive provides an open studio environment for working, collaborating, creating and fostering new businesses. Tim Houghten from G Code outlines many great benefits[…]

Coworking is Sharing.

Coworking is sharing.  Shared space. Shared resources. And shared costs. Small businesses and start-ups need to keep overhead costs down, so coworking is often a great solution to take your business to the next level. Many offer shared work environments, meeting areas, internet, and break areas, just like any other office. While coworking as a[…]