Work Hive Member Profile – Molly Meyers on B2B Sales Careers and Traveling the World

Molly jumped into her new sales position with CodeHS a couple months ago. CodeHS is a San Francisco based company building a comprehensive platform created to bring computer science courses to High Schools. Molly specializes in sales and business development and is a part-time member at Work Hive. “I thought I was over the stress[…]

Creative Co-Working

  Work Hive was founded on the idea of providing not just co-working space in Downtown Salt Lake City, but to also provide an innovative environment where entrepreneurs can grow and flourish!  In fact many of our start-ups are design related, providing a creative community, and informal sounding board for new ideas and a source for[…]

The New Business Migration

I’m not sure about the statistics on this, but I’m pretty confident that Utah, with it’s classic urban sprawl would rank pretty high on a list of areas with the most suburban office parks/buildings, where acres of green lawn are only interrupted by equally large expanses of asphalt parking lots.  But, Salt Lake City, along with other[…]

Facebook Building 20

Facebook has taken the open-studio workspace concept to a whole new level with the help of Architect Frank Gehry.  Nicknamed MPK20, this 433,000-square-foot, 1,500-foot-long structure is actually one continuous open work space, accessed by meandering paths, and interspersed with micro-kitchens and conference rooms.  The facility also boasts an expansive green roof and trail for walking meetings, and a modern cafeteria[…]

10 Benefits of Coworking

Co-working is a rapidly growing option around the world for entrepreneurs.  From building a brand, to growing a business in a professional work space, different companies choose co-working for different reasons. Work Hive provides an open studio environment for working, collaborating, creating and fostering new businesses. Tim Houghten from G Code outlines many great benefits[…]

Coworking is Sharing.

Coworking is sharing.  Shared space. Shared resources. And shared costs. Small businesses and start-ups need to keep overhead costs down, so coworking is often a great solution to take your business to the next level. Many offer shared work environments, meeting areas, internet, and break areas, just like any other office. While coworking as a[…]