Holiday Survival Guide: How To Stay Focused Amidst The Holiday Cheer

Holidays are great and all, but the holiday splendor can be exhausting. Especially going from Halloween to Thanksgiving to Christmas / New Year’s in three consecutive months. It all becomes a big blur of candy wrappers, Christmas music, and overeating in front of family members. The holidays can be quite challenging, however, when you remember[…]

How To Save Your Family, Your Relationships, and Your Career With Gratitude

At this moment, the majority of you are preparing to eat lots of yummy food and/or be kind to your family members with football playing in the background. The holidays bring up a whole range of emotions for people because everyone is living in a different set of circumstances. For some families, the holidays are[…]

How To Be Productive In An Open Concept Office Space

Spoiler alert: Work Hive is an open concept office space. Most coworking spaces are for many reasons, not the least of which is the cost-and-space-efficiency. We love working in a large, open office, but developing skills to be productive in an office like ours is important. Open concept offices have become trendy in the past[…]