The New Business Migration

I’m not sure about the statistics on this, but I’m pretty confident that Utah, with it’s classic urban sprawl would rank pretty high on a list of areas with the most suburban office parks/buildings, where acres of green lawn are only interrupted by equally large expanses of asphalt parking lots.  But, Salt Lake City, along with other cities are seeing an office renaissance with work-spaces returning to historic business centers.  There are many advantages to having your office located in an urban setting:  Proximity to other businesses, urban housing (live-work), transit, and way better lunch-time options to name a few!  If you also live in the city you’ll enjoy a much shorter commute time (maybe even a close enough proximity to your office that you can get there on foot or by bike!  And working to make the urban office trend even more diverse, are co-working and shared office spaces like Work Hive that make having a downtown business location affordable to even the most starving start-up!

Of course any urban migration is not without it’s casualties – in this case the afore mentioned office park.  As businesses of all types and sizes re-discover urban centers, they are leaving the office parks of the 80’s, 90′, and 2000’s as virtual ghost towns.  Here is an interesting article on the topic from the Washington Post: