We’ll Miss You, Willdan Salt Lake

WilldanOver the last several weeks, we’ve been lucky to work alongside the Willdan team. Jason and his team have been here while they are building out their new Salt Lake City office.

We sat down with Jason Berry, the Program Manager for Willdan’s new Salt Lake City office, to talk about his team’s work. Willdan is an energy engineering firm specializing in energy efficiency program delivery for Gas and Electric Utilities and energy engineering project work (essentially making buildings more efficient).

The Salt Lake Willdan team is made up of Jason, Riley Kate Nelson, Jeff Negus, and Scott Haley. They are working on providing a special program that’s geared toward customers (i.e. small commercial operations like restaurants and small retail stores) who traditionally don’t participate in energy efficiency programs. Retrofitting a business with new efficient technology istypically quite expensive, but Willdan’s new snall business program is mostly paid for (about 75%) by the utility, while the recipient only needs to cover a copay of 25%. This is possible because it’s actually often cheaper for utility companies to pay for these efficiency improvements than to purchase energy on the market or to build a new power plant.

What’s more, the service Willdan offers is comprehensive. Normally, recipients would need to find their own contractors and make sure it’s all qualified on their own, as well as wait to get reimbursed for the expenses. Instead, Jason’s team provides this as a part of the service. The contractors just show up on a scheduled date and take care of the retrofit.

The Willdan team loves to enjoy the outdoors in various capacities when they aren’t working, whether it be fly-fishing, camping, trail running, or skiing.