Work Hive Member Profile – Andre Landau on Big Real Estate Investing and Attaining Workplace Flexibility

andreAndre is a “wearer of many hats” at Financial Attunement, a firm that organizes groups of investors to purchase or build large residential projects, such as apartment buildings. The firm operates both in and out of Utah.

Andre was raised in San Francisco in the Haight Ashbury, an eclectic neighborhood known for its history of, and being the origin of hippie counterculture. Andre also went to school in Boulder, CO. He says living in these places impacted him big ways, allowing him to see many lifestyles, both good and bad.

Andre now lives in Salt Lake City, where he enjoys working late, but not so much that he can resist the call of the outdoors. He often enjoys skiing and biking with his housemates. His ultimate goal is to have more flexibility to travel and have more outdoor adventures. He’s excited to return to Argentina and Chile soon.

Some quick facts about Andre:
Daytime beverage: cold mate
Evening beverage: Red Rock Elephino IPA
Favorite Lunch: the deli in Jade Market