Work Hive Member Profile – Chris Wada on Sustainable Plastics

chrisChris Wada is a Business Development Consultant at a sustainable packaging company called Biologiq. He is a full-time member at Work Hive.

BiologiQ makes ThermoPlastic Starch (TPS) resin pellets that we call Eco Starch Resin (ESR). ESR is biodegradable, affordable, and mixable with other types of traditional and bioplastic plastic to increase sustainability and biodegradability. BiologiQ’s bioplastic is made from annually renewable resources (potatoes, cassava, corn). BiologiQ’s ESR bioplastic can be used in a large range of consumer and industrial products.

Chris loves the flexibility that consulting affords him and his family. Outside of work, Chris can be found exploring Salt Lake City or hiking in the mountains with his wife and 4-year old son. They love to travel as well, whether it be Seattle or Napa, or just a staycation in Park City.

Some quick facts about Chris:
Daytime beverage: coffee, diet coke, or just water
Evening beverage: the occasional cold craft beer
Typical Lunch: Subway