Work Hive Member Profile: Dallas Graham

dallasDallas is a storyteller. He has managed to find that ever-so-sought-after balance of work and life by creating powerful works of art using his photography, graphic design, writing abilities, and a bit of magic. For the last three years Dallas has been working on the Red Fred Project and he is a full time member at Work Hive.

Working with extraordinary kids across the US, who face an array of health challenges, Dallas helps to bring their stories to life by asking, “If you were to write a book for the entire world to read, what would it be about?” Through a series of workshops, each child crafts a children’s story, which Dallas then produces, illustrates and designs with a bit of help from – The Jolly Troop – the little birds found in each story, made from commas, exclamation marks and different type faces.

Dallas earned degrees in Fine Art from Brigham Young University as well as an off the grid private school in Southern Virginia. His path has led him through time in NYC as a marketing manager and an assortment of freelance work as a personal documentary photographer. He recently went public with his love of writing and published his first book, with part two of the series coming out next December.

Some quick facts about Dallas:
Daytime beverage: a smoothie of banana, cacao, honey, almond butter and ice
Evening beverage: Whiskey Sours
Favorite Lunch: Enjoys making his own food and typically goes home for lunch to construct a delicious salad of arugula, chicken/steak/beans, spices, grilled broccoli, cauliflower, onions, peppers, and tahini or hummus as a dressing