Work Hive Member Profile: Dustin Bailey

dustin2Dustin is a business enthusiast. He’s been involved in and started 13 different businesses throughout his life, but is happily focusing on just one at the moment. His current passion at Level4Finance focuses on securing funding for small businesses, including startups, based specifically on an individual’s credit, rather than their business model. His company offers a great alternative to the usual SBA loan and has a unique niche in the lending world.

Ideas and business ventures are always taking him to new places. From Seattle originally, Dustin hitchhiked to Utah when he was 17. He was married and started a family here, but moved on to own a restaurant in North Carolina, led business in Arizona, went back to Seattle, and finally moved back to Utah in 2007.

When life gives him a bit of free time, he loves to cook and spend time with his kids. Living in the heart of downtown, he loves going to concerts and provides a hub for friends and family when they want to enjoy a bit of downtown life. Dustin is an avid backpacker and completed backpacking trips through all five of Utah’s National Parks last year.

Some quick facts about Dustin:
Daytime beverage: milk and coffee from La Barba
Evening beverage: Sangria
Favorite Lunch: sushi