Work Hive Member Profile – Molly Meyers on B2B Sales Careers and Traveling the World

mollyMolly jumped into her new sales position with CodeHS a couple months ago. CodeHS is a San Francisco based company building a comprehensive platform created to bring computer science courses to High Schools. Molly specializes in sales and business development and is a part-time member at Work Hive.

“I thought I was over the stress of sales,” she says, “but quickly realized I missed challenges it provided. I’m very goal oriented so driving towards sales targets and metrics keeps me motivated. I attribute my past success to focusing on building honest and direct relationships with both internal (co-workers) and external customers.”

When we first spoke to her it was her first week with the company and she was enjoying the breath of fresh air working in education brings. She started out her career working as a physician’s recruiter for 9 years in Utah, and before CodeHS, she worked for the Utah-based company, Instructure, initially on the market development team for their corporate LMS (learning management system), Bridge. She took on the role of team lead briefly before moving on to the Canvas sales team. “As team lead,” she tells me, “it was interesting to watch the dynamic of the team change as it continued to grow and it was fun coaching and training new members of the team and see them get excited about small and big successes.”

While she loved working with surgeons and CEOs, mixing it up to work with teachers and superintendents has been a well-fitted change. Funny enough, she and her co-worker, Brett (profiled a couple months ago) have had somewhat parallel career paths for the last five years.

Born in Tuscon, AZ, then off for quick stint in Temecula, CA, Molly was ultimately raised in Davis County, Utah since the age of three. While essentially a Utah-native, she will stand out as you quickly notice her pronunciation of “Ts,” a speech habit she credits to her older sisters.

Molly is passionate about all new experiences – new things, new people, new places. She recently took a trip with a friend to Bali and loved it so much that when asked what her next three trips would be she replied, “Bali, then Bali, and finally probably Bali.” She’s also hoping to head to Greece and Iceland soon. Bali was the first big trip she took more independently and found a great sense of empowerment and freedom in navigating through new territory. She spent her first week there participating in a challenging surf camp and getting to know new faces from Australia, England, Zimbabwe and New Zealand. She picked up some new fork techniques in eating and swapped stories on quality of life with the others in the group. A model trip she hopes to recreate in each of her exciting new experiences to come.

Back in Salt Lake City, Molly is also seeing exciting new changes unfold. She enthusiastically talks about how many of her friends are big into recycling and she’s noticed a lot of people her age getting more involved in the community, and becoming passionate about creating a better future for the city. A sentiment that fits well with her fondness of growth and transformation in her own life.

Some quick facts about Molly:
Favorite daytime beverage: black coffee.
Favorit evening beverage: bourbon.
Favorite lunch: a lover of all things new – she’s still trying out all the SLC lunch spots before picking a favorite.