Work Hive Member Profile: Trevor Smith

trevor2Trevor is a seasoned developer and a recent founder and product designer of Impressure. Created and founded alongside Richard Bliss, Impressure can best be described as SurveyMonkey and SquareSpace on steroids. Together, they have created an advanced web application for performance marketers. The platform gives users flexibility to easily design and manage pages and forms without the need for a skilled tech team.

Trevor started programming when he was just eight years old, after discovering a book called “Secret Code Breaker,” which gave him his first look into the world of input and output. He was immediately hooked, and built websites throughout high school as a hobby. He graduated from the University of Utah with a degree in computer science, while working full-time. After developing web applications for other companies for a few years, he was ready to build something of his own, “to invest love into something,” as he puts it.

Outside of the hectic world of running a startup, Trevor enjoys hiking with his two miniature daschunds, watching Netflix, planning parties with friends and reading.

Some quick facts about Trevor:
Daytime beverage: coffee and water
Evening beverage: more water and vodka tonic on the weekends
Favorite Lunch: goes home for lunch most days, but eats out at Poplar – their Cobb salad being one of his favorites