Ten Benefits of Coworking

Co-working is a rapidly growing option around the world for entrepreneurs.  From building a brand, to growing a business in a professional work space, different companies choose co-working for different reasons. Work Hive provides an open studio environment for working, collaborating, creating and fostering new businesses.

Tim Houghten from G Code outlines many great benefits to coworking:

10 Benefits of Coworking for Entrepreneurs
1. Ability to leverage the press and visibility of space to improve brand awareness
2. Higher productivity free from the distractions of home
3. Enhanced credibility with a professional office, mailing address and meeting space
4. Built in networking opportunities and organized events
5. Natural meeting place for angel investors looking to fund early stage startups
6. Endless collaboration opportunities with fellow coworkers
7. Leveraging an intelligent knowledge base (for free)
8. Only pay for what you need, eliminating traditional office expenses
9. Cross-promotion opportunities for low cost-high impact marketing
10. Inspirational surroundings for creating your best work