Coworking is Sharing Resources...and COSTS!

Coworking is sharing.  Shared space. Shared resources. And shared costs.

Small businesses and start-ups need to keep overhead costs down, so coworking is often a great solution to take your business to the next level.

Many offer shared work environments, meeting areas, internet, and break areas, just like any other office.

While coworking as a type of office is very new, recent studies have found that small business start-ups that use coworking spaces are more productive, and more satisifed with the quality of their work.

In 2011, a survey of those using coworking spaces found that:

"individuals increase their productivity and networks by joining a coworking space. In the latest survey, 92% said their social circle had increased a lot, 80% said their business network had grown, and 75% reported an increase in productivity. 86% said their isolation had decreased."

Work Hive was created in 2012 to provide a shared, collaborative work space for  professionals of all kinds.  We all do different types of work, but find ourselves energized and supported by those working around us.  We learn from each other, and value different perspectives in our individual problem solving. Come find a community that can expedite your efforts and help you build a business that reflects your goals and aspirations!

Coworking is valuable in creating and building community.  Work Hive offers a community of fun, motivated, and entrepreneurial individuals who work hard, and build great things together.