Salt Lake City Is The Perfect Location To Grow Your Business. Here Is Why...

Have you been struggling to build a business in an expensive city where you see concrete and steel every way you turn?

Want to take your lunch break in the mountain air?

Try Salt Lake City...

A recent article written for Utah Business details the many reasons why downtown Salt Lake City is a hotspot for business and career development. 

First and foremost, let's zoom out to Salt Lake City's overall geography. Nestled in the valley between huge mountain ranges that feel like they totally surround the city provides the vibe that we are comfortably snuggled into a small remote town in which the strength of community and collaboration is necessary for ongoing success. The city's protection from the world beyond the mountains does not mean that it is constricted or kept from that world. The city boasts a ten minute proximity to the airport, wide roads that allow for steady traffic flow, and easy navigability in the neighborhoods via bike or rented scooters. 

The article cites Bruce Lyman, the leasing director for City Creek Center saying “Downtown Salt Lake City is an ideal location for business because it is transit-oriented, with TRAX light rail and FrontRunner commuter rail connecting us to surrounding communities." Though without the issues of limited and expensive parking options that cities like San Francisco and New York City feature, many residents who work or network downtown gravitate toward living dowtown in order to limit car use and take advantage of the public transportation.  According to Lyman, "Residential development, spurred by City Creek’s condos and apartments, has never been stronger." 

The aforementioned small town feel of the city is emphasized by its current affordability. Though the cost of living is increasing steadily due to the ever-increasing demand, the prices make Salt Lake City one of the most approachable and accessible communities to get a business off of the ground. The small town feel also offers the opportunity to run into people you know at coffee shops, the mall, or roaming Main Street, which amplifies one's daily networking. 

Finally, the article could not ignore the extracurricular activities available to residents here: "a city in a mountain valley close to skiing and hiking in the Wasatch and just a few hours from red-rock adventures in Utah’s five national parks" just about sums it up.

Imagine: you put in a long, affordable day of work and networking in a vibrant downtown culture and then spend the evening hiking in the mountains, daydreaming about what your next productive day will look like...