Work Hive Member Tim Sullivan Is Committed To Making Salt Lake City Even Cooler

Work Hive member Tim Sullivan is the owner of Township + Range, an urban planning and design firm in Salt Lake City. His firm was founded after 12 years of experience in planning and design in various locales around the western United States. His passion for the physical environment is matched only by the creativity he uses to design how that space may best be used by the general public. 

His ability to simultaneously attend to the big picture, the tiny details, and the project objective allows him to transform urban space with both efficiency and innovation. 

That is why it is no surprise that Tim has also cofounded Little City, a new concept pop-up that reconstructs unused property in the city into a gathering space for social events and business development. The first concept, Fleet, is currently located between 800 and 900 South in the Granary district. Fleet is located on a previously underused stretch of street and consists of several shipping containers that have been modified for use as retail stores or business offices.

More than that, Fleet also offers an open gathering space for social gatherings. 

This summer, starting May 4th, Tim and his business partner, Michael Yount, are going to host a community event every saturday evening through the summer during which a rotation of food and drink vendors and live music will be offered. 

The objective of Little City, according to Tim, is three-fold:

  1. to activate underused urban space around the city
  2. to offer opportunities for small businesses to have a home and grow
  3. to create some fun activity to engage the community and bring people together

"I love Salt Lake City and it has so much potential as it continues to grow, so we just want to make it as cool as possible."

The pop-up model of Fleet allows Little City to include temporary and potentially mobile spaces that can be transmuted to another underused area in the city as needed. If the property is required for something else, the shipping containers can be picked up and moved again. Tim says, "There are a lot of expansion opportunities with Little City in the future, but right now it is successful as a sort of stop-gap in an area of the city that is not yet redeveloped." 

Current tenants in the Fleet shipping containers are Goodies & Co., a funky clothing and gift shop (, and the Brazilian Arts Center of Utah (@bacutah). Tim is in the process of filling the vendor and music schedule for the summer, so make sure to follow @littlecityinc on Instagram for updates and announcements about the summer program. 

If you would like to talk with Tim about urban design, business development opportunities, or to learn more about the future of Little City, you can reach him via either of his websites: