How To Streamline Your Hiring Process To Attract The Best Employees

Are you or is your company hiring? With so many new technologies and apps and platforms that streamline the hiring process for recruiters, hiring remains an outdated process wrought with vague job descriptions and stale interviews.

As a result, companies still end up with candidates who do not meet the standards of the company's mission and culture but whom were chosen because they did well enough in the basic interview structure.

Places like Google are deified for their workplace culture and treatment of employees, but their hiring process is quite simple: they use their company values as criteria and ask out-of-the-box questions.

Change things up.

A Forbes article recently laid out the four mistakes that recruiters / hiring departments still make in the process of "looking for good candidates". They include:

  1. Posting a boring, vague, quick job description
  2. Prioritizing experience as the most important criteria
  3. Asking boring, same-old questions
  4. Misunderstanding the value of the position itself within the company


In 2018, people have changed, qualifications have changed, and companies themselves have changed. The same old questions will never get to the heart of who the candidate really is and how they may serve your company. Any kind of creative question will show so much more about someone's personality than "What are your strengths?" ever will.

Furthermore, those new creative questions will also ameliorate mistake number 2 because the questions will tell you more about the person's personality, interests, talents, and motivations than the number of years in a past position ever will.

Number 4 and number 1 are related and convey how little the hiring department cares about the candidate matching up with the company's values.

A generic, run-of-the-mill job description that could be seen on a thousand other postings with different titles guarantees wasted time and energy on the part of the company by interviewing candidates who are not qualified. Worse yet, individuals who are actually qualified for the position will not even apply because the job posting does not speak to their unique skills and career goals.

Simple changes to your hiring process can dramatically improve the quality of your employees and bolster the success and cohesion of your company at large.

How can you adjust your hiring process to ensure you receive quality applicants?

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