3 Keys to Become a Master Networker

Networking is vital to the success of your business or for your professional growth. So, whether you’re searching for your dream job, or looking to grow your business, meeting the right people can lead to the best outcomes.

In a Forbes article, by Robert Glazer, discusses tips for successful networking ventures. 


Get Outside Your Industry

When you think of networking, you think of meeting people that are in the same field because they can help you advance in your career. But according to Glazer, getting out of your comfort zone and meeting people in other industries can be extremely rewarding. 

“Just because somebody in your network doesn’t work in your industry doesn’t mean they can’t connect you to somebody who does—by looking outside your field, you may find the connection you need to get to the next level, or connect to somebody with expertise you’ve never previously accessed.”

Go Deep, Not Wide

Glazer states it’s all about quality over quantity: 

“Anybody with a social media account knows that there’s a difference between the number of friends you have and the number of people you can actually count on when you need support. The same is true professionally—be mindful of the fact that having a small group of people who are always ready to help you can be more valuable than having many contacts who aren’t as helpful.

Just as ineffective is when you promise to help everybody you meet, and eventually stack up too many obligations to handle. 

Whether you end up overpromising, or fall into the trap of working with a connection who isn’t interested in helping you, there are downsides to indiscriminately growing your network. It’s important to always be open to connect, but use judgment so you don’t get stretched too thin.”

Be a Giver, Not a Taker

“It’s a widely understood that it’s necessary to have a giving mindset to excel in business. This is especially true for networking—while you should be mindful of how the people you connect with can help you down the road, you should always be ready to help others, whether you’re serving as a mentor or helping them connect to the right people.

Your network is your greatest asset in business, no matter the industry. The people with the strongest connections—those who carefully look beyond their field for contacts, are thoughtful about what they commit to, and have a giving mindset—are often the ones who land the best talent and grow their ventures.”