Five Ways to Cultivate a Positive Company Culture Remotely

During this pandemic, many companies have decided to remain working remotely for much longer than originally anticipated. Many employees may love working from home, and you can tell by their heightened productivity levels. While others may be struggling with their new working environment. 

This new working environment, whether you love it or hate it, has shown how it is hard to maintain a positive company culture remotely.  If you’re struggling to maintain and cultivate a positive company culture remotely, read about five ways in how to do so, from John Teehan, a Medium contributor

Reaffirm Your Values

At the center of your company’s culture is its core values. If you’re not using those values, you’re essentially losing them. 

Use this time to get your employees informed. Tell your employees know what you see as your business’s core. 

“…This isn’t something to keep secret. Show them why these things matter — using personal experience if possible — and illustrate how you and your employees can use this company culture positively, which nurtures both the company and its clientele.”

Welcome Honest Feedback & Communication

Use this time to check in on your employees, and see how they perceive the company and their positions within it. Try sending out questionaries about the current work culture, see how your employees feel and make sure you listen to what they have to say.

“If you demonstrate to your employees that their opinions matter, they will be more likely not to seek employment elsewhere, take greater satisfaction in their work, and give your business positive word-of-mouth. Positivity from an employee who feels appreciated will add to a positive company culture overall.”

Nurture a Team Mentality

Employees that have been working from home for a while, will likely experience a loss of motivation. So, how do you counteract this?

A way you can do this is by developing a goal your team can get excited about. Focus on the idea of everyone being on the same team, each member can experience and show their value by making their contribution toward a shared goal.

“This will foster a sense of unity — even community. It can also reveal those who are having issues keeping up so you can address those issues before they become a bigger problem.”

Touch Base with Everyone on Your Team

Not every employee is going to enjoy, or be as productive, while working remotely. Take some time to reach out to your employees to see how they are doing. Extroverted employees might be struggling from the lack of human interaction, especially if they are living alone.

Schedule regular chats with your employees, either in a group chat or individually. You may be able to offer them some assistance with anything they are needing. When you continually keep tabs on your employees, they’ll feel more appreciated and more connected to the business. 

Find Ways to Have a Little Fun

Identify times in the week that might be slower than others. Try games, social, non-agenda driven chats, shared Netflix viewings, or anything else that everyone might enjoy doing. The point is to give your employees a break from the mundane work day. 

Make sure these events are not mandatory. If someone is forced to do something “fun,” it’s going to be a morale-killer. 

“Having a company culture that understands the importance of downtime will retain employees longer and build more value over time.”

It’s important as a manager, or as an owner of a business to ensure your company’s culture is a positive one. Not only will you be able to retain important team members, and keep them satisfied and productive, but it will have a positive impact on your business’s reputation.