Benefits of Having a Virtual Business Address

If you’re in the beginning stages of your business or you’re looking to expand your business to new cities—or even new countries—you might want to consider signing up for a virtual office membership. 

At Work Hive, our virtual office membership offers business address use, a mail forwarding service, package acceptance, and discounted conference room use for only $59.00 per month. 

The virtual business address can be beneficial to expanding your business’ visibility, or to gain a more professional look to your business, and more.


Below are some benefits of acquiring a virtual business address:


If you’re working out of your home, you probably don’t want to advertise your home address on your website. You most likely don’t want clients showing up at their front door. By acquiring a virtual business address, you can protect your privacy and maintain a separation of home and work. 

Fixed Address

Whether you’re working from home, or renting a small office space, but are planning on moving soon—a virtual business address will maintain stability. You won’t ever need to forget about updating your address of Google or on your business’ website. The fixed address not only convenient for you, it also provides:

“… continuity for your business’ physical location, and that offers a more professional and trustworthy demeanor for you and your business. Customers will feel more confident sending in payments to a physical address that has remained the same, instead of one that has changed several times” –

Online Search Purposes

Your business’ visibility can be propelled by search engines. However, some search engines don’t allow P.O. boxes as a business address. A virtual business address can provide your business with a physical location, without the need to actually do business there. 


As you’re growing your business, you can save a lot of money by working from home. Your earned revenue does not get eaten up by overhead costs and an expensive store front. Yet, as mentioned above, having your home address as your business’ may not be the best for your privacy and your business’ image. If you plan to relocate soon, it will be beneficial to set up a virtual business address. By doing so will help you maintain stability for your clients and creditors. 


At Work Hive, we pride ourselves in the flexibility we provide for each member. Majority of our virtual members take part in our mail forwarding service, but not every member wants the same type of mail forwarding. For example, we have members that live in a different country. For us to forward their mail will take ages to get to them, so those members prefer for us to scan and email them their mail. Others prefer to pick up the mail. 

The Work Hive team is here to customize your membership to make this part of your business as convenient as possible for you—so that you can focus on the more important aspects of your business.


If a virtual office membership sounds like a good fit for your business, visit our Memberships page to sign up!