Signs Your Business Needs a Virtual Office

If you’re in the beginning stages of your business or you’re looking to expand your business to new cities—or even new countries—you might want to consider signing up for a virtual office membership. 

At Work Hive, our virtual office membership offers business address use, a mail forwarding service, package acceptance, and discounted conference room use for only $59.00 per month. 


If we haven’t convinced you yet, below are some signs that your business may need this inexpensive and flexible service:

You Want to Be More Professional

A downtown Salt Lake City address looks much better than your home address. The Mod Girl Marketing blog states: “having an address that is clearly a business address gives your business much more credibility, often helping your win more clients than you would have if you were operating from a home address.”

You Need a Business Address

At Work Hive, a virtual office membership gives you a physical downtown Salt Lake City address. With the physical address, you have the option to use our mail forwarding service. This is ideal for business owners who have to travel for work. Our virtual office members have the option to forward mail weekly, pick them up, or for us to scan and email it to you.

You Want to Increase Your Brand Visibility

Maybe your business is based in another city and you’re looking to branch out to new territory. Obtaining a virtual address in a new city will help with increasing your brand visibility by giving the impression that you have premises in that area. 

At Work Hive, we have virtual members throughout the country and some even in other countries. In a Mod Girl Marketing blog, the author states: “there are no limitations to how many business addresses you have or the locations in which you can have them.” If you’re looking to expand overseas, a virtual membership should be one of the first things your business should do. We even offer, for an additional cost, to have your business’ name displayed on our front door.


If a virtual office membership sounds like a good fit for your business, visit our Memberships page to sign up!