Salt Lake City Ranked #1 In The Country For Creatives!

Where you work and where you live are two of the most significant considerations in life. Many people may love their job but hate where it was located, and vise versa. As Salt Lake City continues to grow more and more people are moving our way for its burgeoning job opportunities and low cost of living compared to other major cities in the U.S. Tech jobs have grown in the Lehi area while Salt Lake City has seen a rise in more “creative” positions. A recent article published in the Salt Lake Tribune details a cross-country study that was performed to identify the best place for creative people to live. We’ve got many such creatives here at Work Hive!

Salt Lake City ranked #1 due to the compelling combination of creative job opportunities in the city and its low cost of living. Runners up included Nashville, TN, Fayetteville, AR, and Lincoln, NE.

Examples of these creative jobs that were specifically cited in the article include:

  • Fine art: painters, sculptors, illustrators
  • Design: architecture, interior, floral / graphic, UX / fashion
  • Theater and Film: set and exhibit designers, actors, producers and directors, drama and music teachers
  • Music and Dance: choreographers, composers, musicians and singers, dancers
  • Literary: editors, writers and authors, reporters and correspondents;
  • Technical: animators, sound engineers, photographers, film editors.

The fact that the article listed off 28 distinct examples of “creative” jobs illustrates the wide variety of opportunities that have blossomed as the city has evolved. Minute cultural elements like the prevalence of outdoor photo and video content curated on our mobile devices and the attention that local theatrical performances have garnered have made a big difference.

The most relevant example, though, is the fact that so many companies now employ product / graphic / UX designers that work remotely around the world, granting them freedom to live and play wherever they want. It can be an easy decision for creatives who enjoy quick access to nature and a comfortably low cost of living to move to the Salt Lake City area.

If you are someone working in a creative job, do you enjoy where you live? What, if anything, would you wish were different? Are you working remotely as a creative, but would like to find a community of fellow creatives to work with? Join us at Work Hive!