Welcome Taylor, Work Hive Community Manager!

Hey Work Hive Community! This is Taylor, new community manager here at Work Hive. Taylor is here to help manage our workspace, support all of your endeavors (and provide some troubleshooting to help you stay productive).

From Taylor:

“Hello Work Hive! In addition to my role at Work Hive, I own a remote coaching business, called The Tailored Quill, through which I coach people to break their limiting stories, define their power, and strategize how to contribute to the world.

My academic background is in Neuroscience, Psychology, and Philosophy, and my professional background prior to starting my business was in crisis stabilization mental health treatment. The majority of my career served teenagers in residential treatment working through suicidality and severe mood disorders. In addition, I worked with populations experiencing personality disorders, autism, eating disorders, and bipolar / schizophrenia.

My intellectual focus is on the role that stories and self-talk play in the construction of our identities and how easily they affect our careers and relationships, especially nowadays in the midst of social media, new technology, and business.

I moved here in July from Boston. I have spent a lot of time in the west, including living in Colorado a few years ago, and I love to ski so I am excited to be back out this way.

Fun facts about me:

  • Hometown: Burlington, Vermont
  • Favorite food: toss up between a Cheeseburger and Ice Cream
  • Favorite child beverage: Chocolate Milk
  • Favorite adult beverage: Whiskey
  • Favorite pastime: Watching movies

 Even if I have headphones in or I am wearing a serious “work mode” face, come say hi. I am here if you want to chat, if you have a question, or if you want to nerd out about psychology, business, or the meaning of life.

P.S. I maintain a blog on all things related to self-awareness and personal storytelling on my company’s website, www.thetailoredquill.com.