The Next Level Of Remote Work: Same Work, Different Country…Every Month?

Coworking spaces are the solution for the entrepreneurs and remote employees who feel isolated and unproductive working at home. At Work Hive, many of our members are remote employees working for companies located in other states around the country. The most common reason heard from a possible new member is that “I am so ready to not work from home.”

The next level of remote work is the trend of working somewhere else around the world as frequently as every month. There are numerous startups, such as Remote Year and Terminal 3, that organize everything for your travel, accommodations, and amenities around the world while you simply continue to do the work your company wants you to do. That major difference? You get to experience another culture with a small group of strangers.

Let’s go over the benefits:

  • Social stimulation
  • Learn from new people
  • Immerse yourself in a new culture
  • Complete your regularly assigned work
  • Add more value to your work / team because of the new experience and networking
  • Choose your length of trip

The downside of this level of remote work, apart from the financial commitment to the organizing company, is that participants may have the same productivity challenge but for the opposite reason: too much stimulation and socialization. A couple logistical upsides to consider, however, is the fact that you can choose your length of globe-trotting – because maybe you just need that new stimulation for a month or two – and you could probably convince your boss to allocate funds for your participation as long as you continue to accomplish your to-do list.

You tell us: would this be interesting to you? Would you be productive in another place around the world?

For an interesting deep dive into the culture of international remote work, here is an interview of Terminal 3’s founder talking about trends of remote work, the demographics of participants, and the overall benefits of the new experiences they have without needing to approve vacation time.