How Coworking Spaces Promote Trust Between Members

It has been well discussed how coworking spaces positively impact members' daily productivity, but what has not been as thoroughly explored is the impact it has on interpersonal interactions. The majority of coworkers are either entrepreneurs or freelancers who are sick of working from home and feeling so isolated in their daunting endeavors, but curing that aloneness is not all that coworking spaces do for its members' social exposure. 

Working in a coworking space also instantly creates a level of trust among the members, whether or not those members become close friends or colleagues in any way. Based on research cited back in the beginning of the coworking boom, members reported that their social groups and professional networks exponentially grew but beyond that they reported that they felt safe leaving their personal belongings in the space for extended periods of time, trusting that other members will more likely look out for those belongings instead of steal them. 

How is such deep trust created so quickly even with strangers?

Let's think about it.

Even though coworking spaces are filled with strangers, they are strangers coming to one singular location for the sake of one overarching objective: to encourage or promote their professional success in some way. The specifics are different for every person, but overall the members of a coworking space are there for the same reason and often face similar challenges. 

In this way, the members are almost in fact part of one team or department in a larger office despite their uniquely different daily tasks.

As a result, a member is more likely to value the succes of other members even while working so tirelessly on their own unique success and unconsciously resolve to trust those members around you as you would teammates or coworkers in a larger company. 

If you have worked from home before, what was your experience of isolation like for you?

If you have worked in a coworking space or currently do, what is your experience of trust been with the members around you? 

Do you feel safe with them? Do you feel supported?