With many benefits to using a coworking space, the #1 benefit may be how it benefits your business's bottom line. In an article on CoworkingResources.com, the author lists four economic benefits of coworking spaces.

Coworking Supports Creatives

Coworking spaces provide a place for small businesses to thrive. The coworking spaces are cheaper than renting a private office to the companies in their beginning stages. Those small businesses bolster creative spirit in local communities and increase employment opportunities, which in the end puts money back into their communities / local economy.

Eliminated Financial Obstacles

As mentioned above, coworking spaces tend to be less expensive than traditional private offices. Small businesses, or people who want to start a business, are often discouraged by the overwhelming overhead costs. Coworking provides the flexibility, in packages and amenities, that these businesses need to flourish.

Retains Local Talent

Coworking spaces keep the innovative, entrepreneurial talent in the community. Rather than heading towards a bigger city, the talent can stay in their place of origin or desire. 

“Without coworking offices, many of these daring creatives who possess the wherewithal to start their own ventures would have to relocate to bigger cities where their skills and passions would be diluted by a larger population.”

These innovative and entrepreneurial people and businesses can stay in their local communities to pursue their passion. 

Employs Small Businesses

Coworking spaces often hire local restaurants and coffee shops to supply their spaces with all the coffee and food it needs. Some coworking spaces have even been able to exchange coffee for interior design or legal services to the coffee shops, by involving the people working in the space. 

 “Coworking spaces attract the kind of trustworthy, selfless person that can help collaborative consumption succeed. In a coworking environment, the sharing takes place on a more personal level than in any other kind of work environment, which helps the people in this environment see that there are countless more opportunities available to them when resources are shared. By fostering connection and collaboration, coworking spaces help people gain new skills, save money, and see the world in a brighter light, one that attaches importance to everyone’s contributions.”

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