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A Virtual Office allows you to run your business from home or while traveling, using Work Hive as your professional home base. This is a convenient way to present clients and business associates with your a professional first impression, while at the same time, taking advantage of all the flexibility of remote work.

With a Virtual Office membership, you can list our address as your business mailing address. When we receive mail for you, we will forward it to you, or, you're welcome to pick it up here at the office. If you are traveling or otherwise unable to have your mail forwarded to you, we can even send you scans of your mail, so you don't miss a beat.

You'll also have deeply discounted rates on Conference Room time and Day Passes. Take advantage of the discounts and come use the Work Hive space in person.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

$59 a month. We will charge your credit card every month, on the same day of the month that your membership started. You can also pay by e-check. There is no term commitment -- you can cancel any time.

With all of your business contacts, you will be able to list your business address as our office address, but with a suite number individualized for you. For example, if you're using our downtown location as your address, and your assigned suite number is 999, you will list your address as follows:


159 W. Broadway, Suite 200-999

Salt Lake City, UT 84101

Once it arrives here, it will be placed in your file. Once a week, everything in your file will be forwarded to you. (Or, if you specify, we can hold the mail here for you.)


Technical terminology from the United States Post Office: Work Hive is a CMRA, a Commercial Mailing Receiving Agency. And your individualized suite number is a PMB, a Personal Mail Box.

We do not forward packages. If you receive a package at our office, we will send you an email and ask you to promptly pick it up.

If the entity sending your mail does not include the individualized suite number, it will still make it to your file as long as it has the name of your business and lists Suite 200.

However, if the piece of mail is missing the name of your business, or is missing "Suite 200," it may not make it to you. We need this information to make sure it gets filed correctly. Please make sure the name of your business is on all correspondence.

Yes. Upon signup, we will confirm with you which one you would like to use.

Conference Rooms: When you need to meet in person with a client or with your team, renting a conference room at Work Hive is a convenient and very professional atmosphere to host your meeting. As a Virtual Office member, you have a 50% discount on conference rooms. All conference rooms include a large whiteboard with markers, a large screen for presentations, free coffee and tea, and more. (Click here for more details.) You can sign up to use a conference room at either of our locations, regardless of which location you use for your mailing. To book, simply log into your account -- you do not need a separate account, find the calendar icon, and add your booking. Give us a call if the time or space you need is not available through the website; sometimes we just need to make an adjustment to make space for your booking.

Day Passes: Perhaps you are in Salt Lake City and want to work from the shared coworking space for a day or two. Doing so is great way to get focused and get more done than you might at home. As a Virtual Office member, a day pass is just $10, (rather than the $25 for the general public.) To use a day pass, simply log in to your account (you do not need a separate account) and add a day pass. Once you get here, log in and click "check in." You can use phone rooms for calls throughout the day. You'll have access to all the shared amenities: high speed wifi, phone rooms, coffee, tea, kitchen necessities for lunchtime, printing, scanning and copying, indoor bike storage for the day, and free parking based on availability. 

Click here to get started. Go ahead and sign up for a Virtual Office, filling in all of your information. Once your membership comes through the system, we will email you, confirming which location you want to use, assigning your suite number, and attaching a CMRA Form, which the USPS uses to confirm that we are authorized to handle your mail. You will need to fill out that form at a notary (usually your bank can act as a notary,) and send back the signed form along with 2 forms of ID. If you would rather come to us instead of a notary, we can check that box, as well as show you around the space! Once that is taken care of, you are good to go.

No problem. There is no term contract; it's a simple month to month arrangement. We do not offer refunds for this service, so let us know you need to cancel before your next billing date.

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